“Melissa Honey”

Melissa returned after a period of not working with a new and much sexier photo shoot, a new location and a desire to reinvent her web image while not loosing the reputation she had built before

Melissa Honey

We met Melissa in Manchester to discuss the options, and what came out of the meeting was Melissa's love of cars and need for speed, the pictures featured shots with sports cars and it seemed logical to try and translate this into the design. Melissa also needed to easily update her availability and location as sh travels frequently.

So what to do? We had one definite "signature" image the white and red shot on the front of the page and this was the one chosen to define the sites identity. For the other pages we decided to create a background image of a classic car to give an "Art Deco" feel with Melissa's picture animating over the top The picture is slightly angled to break the otherwise "boxy" feel of the page. When we showed the first mock up of this Melissa was very positive so the rest of the site was made using the same scheme.

Like other clients Melissa is an active blogger

so we needed to make sure the blog system was easily used on a mobile, she is always travelling, as is the whole site. For the SEO (search engine optimisation) we created a system where Melissa can change her location both in the site text and the sites title and description tags ensuring Google is updated with her latest location.

The result a very clean site, whites and reds witch works well on mobile devices and standard machines. Melissa continues to actively post on her blog and has been very happy both with the look and feedback she has received.

Melissa Honey

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