“The Phoenix Club”

Party Party! Not our usual escort site but a site for adult parties in London. The brief was to create something different from the site we made last time for the Phoenix Club.

The Phoenix Club

The owner of the site likes to shake things up regularly ensuring the sites image stays fresh and interest is maintained. This time we were asked to go for a completely new look with a bit more "edge" than the warmer colours used previously, so we went with black as the main colour with white text and decoration. To keep some link to the previous colour palette we used dark purple for the buttons and some other elements.

The key to the Phoenix is to display the information potential party goers need

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and display it quickly and simply, the current days party information needs to be at the forefront as does the ability book online.

We therefore decided to upgrade their content management system to a more powerful one than their previous, implement an easy to use party schedule system and make it easy to manage the numerous girls profiles who party for the Phoenix. After a meeting with the client where we discussed what was needed and importantly what was not, it was decided to remove certain things from the old site, use a particular image for the site identity, and to go for the edgier look mentioned above.

We then created a sample front page based on the discussions, set up the new CMS and got to adding all the existing content to the new system. The sample design was agreed straight away which is the result of the thorough discussions we had initially where we listened to the clients needs, and of course again as an existing client we have a good insight into what will work for them and what will not.

One standout feature is the code that displays today's line up first as well as the other party days, and where there is no party an image and message is displayed. This relies on custom built code to extend our CMS built by us especially to meet the clients needs.

Like Chloe Dior the clients also needed a custom built form that filtered responses and required them to accept certain statements before proceeding, again we were able and happy to provide this.

The site also initially featured a full forum system as a trial but has since been removed. Forums seem to have been completely overtaken by social media so it was removed in June 2017 and instead an external blogging system (tumblr) was added which allows them to post more risqué content which is pushed to social media without diluting the sites main focus, the parties themselves.

The Phoenix Club

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